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JULY 2020

Top 10 Surfskate Tutorials


Here comes a carefully compiled list of our top 10 curated surfskate tutorials and lessons that will coach you to become a better surfskater and surfer in no time.

Also if you are a local check out our spot selection of Hamburg’s finest surfskate locations and skateparks.

Photography and Text by Maximilian Gerdau

YOW Surfskate Amatriain


01 — The Basics

This video is in spanish and Àlvaro is talking quickly however if you are a beginner this is a spot on tutorial to find the right stance, body posture, coordination and to learn the basic movements of surfskating and surfing.  

Basics by Carving Social Club

02 — Pumping

There are so many videos out there on how to pump – we believe Chris Mills is the only one who got it right by especially focussing on compression. This is pumping how you should be doing it on land and in the water.

Pumping by Chris Mills

03 — Rotation & Speed

This video is an in depth analysis of Felipe Toledos speed generation and rotation abilities by Kale Brock. Kale will give you a comprehensive lesson on how to become more agily and dynamic on your surfskate and in the water.

Rotation and Speed by Kale Brock

04 — Rotation & Stance

This second video on rotation is not a tutorial but more of an introdution to the Swelltech System. We decided to put it in the list as an example for a flawless technique and for how maneuvers can be tranfered 1 : 1 from surfskating to surfing.

Rotation by Swelltech

05 — Frontside Turn

In this video David is demonstrating a flawless frontside bottom turn and top turn. We love the videos by Vinden VBG because they are short and sweet and will quickly help to understand the key principles of these basic maneuvers in surfing.

Frontside Turn by Vinden VBG

06 — Backside Turn

Another video by Vinden in which David is demonstrating the backside bottom turn and how to do a powerful top turn. Again this video is short and sweet focussing on the key principles you need to keep in mind improving on these maneuvers.

Backside Turn by Vinden VBG

07 — Roundhouse Cutback

The roundhouse cutback is one of surfings most elegant but also practical meneuvers in order to get the most out of a wave and your ride. In this video David is teaching the key principles that will turn your cutback into one single smooth maneuver.

Roundhouse Cutback by Vinden VBG

08 — Frontside Reverse

In this video Shane Lai is giving a step by step lesson on how to learn the frontside reverse 360. He breaks down the maneuver into three parts, explaing each one of them in detail and eventually how things come together to a single movement.

Frontside Reverse 360 by Shane Lai

09 — Layback

The classic layback might remind you of early skate videos out of Dogtown. However this retro maneuver can be transferred to a progressive layback carve in the water and David from Vinden VBG will explain to you how it is done on land.

Layback by Vinden VBG

10 — Bert Slide

We finally come to another retro classic that is not necessarily a maneuver you will be doing in the water. But it is just too awsome to look at to be missing on this list – in this tutorial David will show you how to become a specialist at it.

Bert Slide by Vinden VBG

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Any Feedback?

Feel free to drop us a line if you have any suggestions for this tutorial site. Whether you have a cool tutorial video in mind that you would like to recommend or any other ideas how to improve things – we are always super happy to hear from you. You can write us in English or in German.

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