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The Journey

There was a dream and that was blue.

We are in 2013. Two lost souls on an open highway heading west. The Great Plains behind them, a mighty silhouette of mountains reaching high into the sky, on the horizon. Never felt a time more unbound, more exciting. These dark peaks are the Sierra Nevada. And behind them, where the sun is sinking into the Pacific Ocean, there lives a dream.

»Oh, imagine those wild shores. The groves of Redwoods. The beach. All is wet with rain and yet every step in the warm, white sand awakens your soul. As the sky opens a hint of freedom is lying in the air. And you can peak inside a cathedral of perfect blue — from your toes in the sand to your head in the sky.«

The imagination ran wild in this late August summer night of '13 which remains to be never forgotten. For it is so, that some dreams are not meant to come true. They are like fire burning inside your soul, driving the spirit of a life on the search. Too wild to be fulfilled, yet too bright to go out.

So stick to your path. Keep your hope. Head west, with the sun in your face and the optimism in your heart, that tells you there is a perfect blue lagoon somewhere.

And it will no longer be so far away.

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The Company

Of course our journey goes on, but while we still drift on a vague path some ideas have become more precise along the way. One of them is to build a good company — one that puts every effort into operating ethically, into creating sustainable products and into inspiring others to do the same.

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Join the Journey

We always heartily welcome new comrades. Leave us your name and address and we will find you.



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