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Local Timber


By producing with various types of local timber, for example beech and ash, our surfskate decks do not only have an exceptionally high quality but we avoid additional transportation and can reduce our carbon footprint.

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All decks are handcrafted with heart and soul in a local woodshop in northern Germany. The core construction and materials are a unique example of fine craftmanship and a truely sustainable product.

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All timber which is being used in our decks is 'FSC-certified'. FSC is short for the 'Forrest Steward Council®' which is an international certification system that helps to identify sustainable and conscientious forestry.



Instead of the standard seven layers Canadian maple all of our  surfskate decks are built from six layers of regional German timber – this construction reduces the amount of epoxy resin needed. The result is a sustainable, lightweight but very robust deck with extra longevity and  just the right amount of flex.


Custom Shape

With the shape we have left nothing to chance. Like a classic 'Fish' our decks are true hybrids: a wide nose and extra leverage on the front truck combind with a solid wheelbase result in a stable ride but highly aggressive maneuvers. Concave and tail have been optimized for a solid stance and board control.

Yow S5 vs. Carver C7


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The Journey

There was a dream and that was blue.

»Oh, imagine those wild shores. The groves of Redwoods. The beach. All is wet with rain and yet every step in the warm, white sand awakens your soul.«

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