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Surfskate FAQ

A compact surfskate FAQ that answers the most frequently asked questions like which surfskate to buy, how to learn your first maneuvers and where to find our finest local spots in Hamburg.

Surfskate Carver trucks C7


To help you make the best decisions on what surfskate to buy we created a short & sweet buyers guide.

It is based on our own experience and on what we hear and see in our local surf and surfskate communities.

Surfskate Tutorials

OCT 2020

Youth Lagoon surfskate designs

OCT 2020

Skatepark Inselpark Wilhelmsburg

OCT 2020



Here comes a brief history of skating concrete waves: from a legendary drought that led to a crew of surfers skate empty pools in south Santa Monica to today’s variety of small landlocked communities celebrating the new opportunity to improve their basic surfing skills and techniques.


Jay Adams

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