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The Journey

There was a dream and that was blue.

»Oh, imagine those wild shores. The groves of Redwoods. The beach. All is wet with rain and yet every step in the warm, white sand awakens your soul.«

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The Magazine

Story Munich

NOV 2019


During our second trip to Munich and the Eisbach we are witnessing a colder and rougher side of the world’s most notorious river wave (coming soon),

Story New Zealand

FEB 2020

South to Bluff

8000 kilometers along the coasts of New Zealand – on this journey from Cape Reigna to Bluff we get the full experience: from perfect surf to a shark attack (coming soon).

Story New York

NOV 2018

The city that never sleeps

Staying for a couple of nights in a cozy apartment in Williamsburg we realize there is much more surf culture present in New York than you would think (coming soon).

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Postcards from the Search


"The moments we had, oh we rarely knew when it would be the last time we did something. Back then, when thinking in time cut out, these moments seemed to last forever."


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