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What a time to be alive.

Our company was founded with the believe that life becomes richest once we start to follow our heart instead of tribes, trends or norms. When we start to value time over belongings. When we stop trying to impress someone. When we live in close touch with nature and care for its wellbeing. When we listen. When we are open to the unfamiliar. To foreign cultures. To the arts. It becomes richest when we stop judging others on the basis of their dreams.

Youth Lagoon was founded with the intent to promote a curious and free spirited lifestyle, that does not vanish but strive with age. Rooted in surf culture, we are proudly producing sustainable products, inspired by the arts, travel and a sophisticated mind. 

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What a time to be alive. And what a time to start doing things differently. As a fashion brand we do recognize our societal responsibility. Therefore we are giving equal value to aesthetics and quality as to ecological sustainbilty and ethical conduct.


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